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NDP Leader Jack Layton has written a special letter to CUPE members, reminding them that they have a choice between corruption and Conservatives:

Dear CUPE member:

On Jan. 23, we will share a great opportunity. As a CUPE member and a public sector worker, your work builds and maintains strong and healthy communities all across the country. As leader of Canada’s New Democrats, I applaud the work you do and share your commitment to our communities.

Together, we can build a strong and healthy Canada. Our opportunity to strengthen this work comes on Jan. 23 when we go to the polls. On that day we can elect a new kind of Parliament, the kind of Parliament that listens and responds to the needs of working women and men.

That kind of Parliament can only happen with many New Democrats elected to the House of Commons. We are well on our way to electing those MPs in communities across the country, but we need your help to really make the difference.

We know that both the old-line parties, once in power, will deliver the goods to their powerful friends. We have watched this happen time and again.

Last year, we proved that we could hold Liberal feet to the fire on budget items and get them to spend more money on things that are important to working families.

We forced the government to address issues like more funding for health care, education and child care. We told them we would not tolerate the erosion of public services and the growth of for-profit corporations in the delivery of these services. We also helped secure more funding for cities so they could rebuild and become safer places to live and work.

We know that CUPE members cherish these public services. We know that they want to continue keeping our communities strong, healthy and vibrant places for all Canadian families.

We know that we are the party that sincerely shares these key values. And we know that NDP members of Parliament will insist on these values guiding every debate and decision that Parliament makes.

The Liberals have broken their trust with Canadians over their 13 years in power. The Conservatives would do the same.

Finally, I want to thank you for giving me this space to speak to you directly. On Jan. 23 vote for what you believe. Vote positive, vote public.

In solidarity,

Jack Layton
New Democratic Party of Canada

Rally for Layton! CUPE members in the Toronto area are invited to a rally in support of the NDP Sat., Jan. 14, at 10:30 a.m.

Here’s the location: Exhibition Place, Artifacts Room, Liberty Grand, 25 British Columbia Rd., Toronto.

NDP platform puts working people first

The NDP released its platform yesterday, showing once again they are the party that will get things done for working women and men.

The platform features many of CUPE’s priorities, including poverty, health care, child care, education and other public services. Check it out!