This morning, a group of bus drivers with the Société de transport de Saguenay held a demonstration in support of their union executive in their fierce struggle against the STS.

This action is part of pressure tactics up to and including strike action, which 98.8% of the membership voted in favour of last July. The 125 bus drivers have been without a collective agreement since December 31, 2016.

The Syndicat des chauffeurs d’autobus de Saguenay-SCFP 3124 is fighting the reduction of transit service in several areas of the City of Saguenay.

The cuts resulting from the new transit plan imposed by the STS last spring has sparked much discontent among users and drivers.

If this wasn’t enough, management of the STS recently announced that it would be scaling back even further the service in Jonquière, Chicoutimi Nord, La Baie, Cépal, Lac Kénogami and Valin.

“The modest demonstration today is just a taste of what we’ll be doing in the next few weeks. We’ll fight to ensure that the citizens of Saguenay have a public transit system that is respectful of them,” declared José-Nicolas Lopez, President of the Syndicat des chauffeurs d’autobus de Saguenay (CUPE 3124).