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HEU activists were among thousands of Canadians who made their way to Seattle to send a clear message to the World Trade Organization and the Canadian government. Our public services, our environment and our future arent to be traded away.

CUPE members mobilized across the country, attending events in their own communities, writing their MPs and joining forces with local allies.

Theyre clear that the WTO agenda is a fast track to privatization and foreign control of health care, education, social services, water and waste services. And theyre determined to defend public services and the power of governments to protect human rights and the environment.

The response of the Canadian government has been nav0065 or worse, offering weasel words in lieu of action. Theyre more interested in opening up markets for corporations than protecting the best interests of Canadians.

But buoyed by their success with the MAI and all the more determined after the battle of Seattle, CUPE activists are clear that weve stopped them once and we can do it again.