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Montreal By putting its broadcast network up for sale, the CBC has taken another step towards privatizing its activities. We will not stand around patiently waiting for this to occur.

This is the reaction of Claude Ht0075, Assistant Director of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE-QFL), after the announcement yesterday by the CBC that it would sell its broadcast and distribution network infrastructure. Once again, CUPE has come to the defence of a first-class public service.

After years of budget cutbacks, job cuts, and contracting-out, we are now witnessing a new episode in the dismantling of our public service radio and television, says Ht0075. How can the Public be sure that any eventual purchaser will continue to offer the same high-quality service everywhere in Canada?

Even if the President of the CBC insists that the savings that have been carried out will lead to improved programming, Ht0075 adds, no such formal commitment has been taken by the public broadcaster. Furthermore, nothing indicates that the revenues from this sale will be invested in in-house programming rather than flowing into the coffers of private production companies.

In addition, says Jacqueline Turgeon, President of CUPE Local 675, which represents 700 members of the crown corporation, We do not know what will happen to the 170 employees who will be affected by this fire sale. Ms. Turgeon concludes, We will not let President Robert Rabinovitch dismantle the CBC before our eyes.


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Jacqueline Turgeon, President, Local 675, CUPE-QFL

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