In 2013, CUPE adopted its first national environmental policy. Working Harmoniously on the Earth helps set a clear course of action for CUPE. The policy outlines how working people can help cut greenhouse gases that cause climate change and steps we can take to adapt to a warming climate. It also tackles issues like water, energy, waste, environmental toxins, green jobs, and greening CUPE workplaces. The policy’s internal lens urges CUPE to cut operational greenhouse gases.

We also launched the new CUPE HIV & AIDS Policy – A Workplace Response to the Pandemic. The policy takes positions to ensure the full protection of all human rights and labour rights for both HIV-positive workers, and those working or living with people who are HIV positive.

Another key contribution was CUPE’s new publication on Canadian post-secondary education issues, including public financing, privatization, student debt, and many others. Post-Secondary Education: Our Choices, Our Future outlines CUPE’s role and achievements in the sector, and our position on major issues.