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On February 5, Conservative Member of Parliament Pierre Poilievre wrote an opinion piece in the National Post called “Unions ignore the Rand Formula.” CUPE President Paul Moist responded with the following piece.

Re: Unions ignore the Rand formula

For 50 years CUPE has been a strong voice for workers. Fights to improve working conditions, maternity leave benefits, and workplace pensions have not only strengthened collective agreements for our members, but they made a huge difference in the life of all Canadian workers. These gains were not just fought at the bargaining table, but in the political arena.

We continue to fight for workers today with campaigns to stop cuts to Employment Insurance, to protect health care and to expand retirement security for all Canadians.  We work on these issues upon instruction of our members, from resolutions they freely debated and adopted at conventions.

Poilievre’s attack on the Rand formula is not about protecting workers. It is about silencing dissent, and trying to limit the labour movement’s ability to speak up for workers.

The Conservatives have made it very clear that they do not represent the interest of workers. They would rather give tax breaks to their corporate friends than invest in good jobs for Canadians. The first two years of their majority government saw the removal of free collective bargaining rights for Canada Post, Air Canada, and CP Rail workers.

When dealing with a government that does not hesitate to rip up collective agreements or invoke back to work legislation, making sure that workers have strong collective agreements is an inherently political act and one that we fully embrace.

Yours truly

Paul Moist
National President
Canadian Union of Public Employees