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On January 30, the Globe and Mail published an editorial called “The 1 per cent get a bad rap”. This is CUPE National President Paul Moist’s response. 

To the Editor:

Your editorial (Hug the 1 per cent – Jan 30) suggesting we should be grateful for the taxes paid by the top 1 per cent is faulty in both its analysis and conclusions.

It is true the top 1 per cent pays a higher share in income taxes, but when all taxes (including sales, payroll, property and other taxes) are considered, they pay a lower share of their income in taxes than the poorest 10 per cent, as comprehensive analysis by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has shown.

It is also incorrect to assume that escalating top incomes are unrelated to stagnant incomes for other Canadians. Not only do many consider rising inequality to be one of the causes of the economic crisis, but the IMF, OECD and many others now agree we would all be better off with greater equality. It’s time others understood this as well.

Paul Moist

National President, Canadian Union of Public Employees