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That the National Defence Fund be funded by 4% of per capita and that its annual expenditures be capped at $5 million.

That the Strike Fund be funded by 6% of per capita; by all of the .04 per cent automatic Defence Fund Levy; and by all of the Solidarity Levy (the lesser of $1 per member per month or .04%).

There was strong feedback to the Defence Fund Task Force that the Strike Fund needed to be built up quickly, and strong measures put in place to protect its purpose and ensure its stability.

The proposed 60/40 split of National Defence Fund per capita will allow the Strike Fund to grow right from the start. It will also ensure that there is enough money in the Defence Fund for critical campaigns, such as cost-shared, major organizing, legislative and national campaigns. These campaigns will amount to about $5 million annually in 2000/2001, or 40% of National Defence Fund per capita income.

Projected National Defence Fund income for 2000/2001 is approximately $22 million per year, and is broken down as follows:

National Defence Fund per capita: $11.5 million
Automatic Defence Fund Levy: $ 5.5 million
Solidarity Levy: $ 5.0 million
TOTAL: $22.0 million

The recommendation would mean that the National Defence Fund would receive $5 million in income annually. For the Strike Fund, income would be about $17 million annually ($6.5 million from the per capita split, plus $10.5 million from the two levies.)