The heat waves seem like they start earlier every year, but even when it is not above 30 degrees Celsius, the sun can still pose a significant hazard to CUPE members.  Working outdoors without protection from the sun’s rays increases the risk of skin cancer, eye damage, and heat stress as a result of exposure to both ultraviolet (UV) radiation and heat from the sun. But the good news is that these conditions are largely preventable.

Thermometre showing 38°C against a blue sky

Every year around this time, we remind CUPE members about the hazards are working outdoors without a proper program and proper precautions by referring to our Heat Stress Prevention fact sheet

This year we could also point out a new resource for CUPE members known as “Sun Safety at Work Canada” currently hosted at the Occupational Cancer Research Centre website. A comprehensive suite of resources is being developed to help workplaces implement their own sun safety programs. These resources are designed to complement existing sun safety practices and can easily be embedded within a workplace’s occupational health and safety management system.

Furthermore, Sun Safety at Work Canada is developing a new website that will guide workplaces through the implementation of a sun safety program. To sign up to be notified of the website launch, or to download resources now, click here.