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According to the Climate Change Performance Index 2008, Canada now ranks 53rd out of 56 countries. This ranking is nothing to be proud of and Stephen Harper’s Conservative government is to blame for our deplorable record. Only climate change pariahs Australia, the United States and Saudi Arabia scored worse than Canada. We must consider ourselves climate change pariahs now, too.

What do we want?

  • A climate change plan that will reach emissions reduction targets in line with what is called for by the international community.
  • A broad-based price on carbon to prompt greenhouse gas reductions.
  • Meaningful regulations on industry and business to cut greenhouse gases.
  • An end to federal government subsidies to the oil sands. Comprehensive energy conservation programs and support for clean and renewable sources of energy.
  • An aggressive green jobs strategy to develop new types of work, supported by a fair transition program for workers displaced by an evolving green and low-carbon economy.
  • Investment in green technologies and innovation. 

Under Harper:

  • Federal climate change programs and initiatives to help low income Canadians increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs were slashed.
  • Canada has failed to meet its legal commitments under the Kyoto Protocol. 
  • The Conservatives have obstructed international progress on climate change.
  • Canada has failed to develop an effective plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The Alberta oil sands developments have been allowed to grow unfettered, poisoning the air, natural landscape, water and drinking supply of communities in the process.