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Stephen Harper has let for-profit two-tier health care make big inroads.

There are many proven public solutions for improving our health care system, but the Conservatives only see one option: private, for-profit health care. Private clinics and privatization of health care support staff have expanded dramatically on their watch. Canadians are proud of our universal, single-tier health care system. We need a leader who will work to keep and improve it, not chip it away.

What do we want?

  • A leader who will enforce the Canada Health Act and turn back the privatization of our health care system.
  • A national wait time strategy with centralized lists, fully utilized operating rooms, more team work and case management, and expanded primary and continuing care – all within the public system.
  • A national infrastructure fund to build and redevelop hospitals and long term care facilities as publicly owned and operated facilities.
  • A national strategy to combat health care acquired infections: lower occupancy rates, more in-house cleaning and infection control staff, and mandatory public reporting.
  • A health human resources strategy that offers better working conditions, training, and wage parity across the health sector.
  • A national long term care program that includes targeted funding and national standards for home and residential long term care, including minimum staffing levels.
  • A national pharmacare program that provides equal access to safe and effective drugs while keeping rising costs in check.


Under Stephen Harper, health care has suffered


  • The number of for-profit clinics delivering medically-necessary services has exploded.
  • User fees, extra-billing and other Canada Health Act violations are increasing, virtually unchallenged by the federal government.
  • Hospital cleaning is understaffed and being privatized at a growing rate, contributing to infection outbreaks that cause over 2,000 deaths each year.?despite />
  • Harper’s wait time “guarantees” were a hoax in most provinces and a ruse for privatization in others.