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Regulation and inspection

The federal government is downgrading its role in regulation and inspection of a wide variety of services including food inspection, protection of our national parks, environmental and consumer protection, transportation safety, health and safety and the inspection of goods transported across our borders. The government is compromising public safety by shifting its responsibility from one of enforcement to one of monitoring, leaving private firms to regulate themselves. This erosion of power is exacerbated by lack of training, staff shortages and other limited resources putting workers at increased risk.

Job training

The government is planning a privately-run agency to co-ordinate and upgrade the training and skills of Canadas workforce for the new economy. The Enterprise Agency will swallow up services currently provided by both Industry Canada and Human Resources Development. To avoid federal-provincial conflict, the agency is expected to be run by the private sector with public funds.

Firearms registry

Federal plans to privatize the gun registration will hand work currently performed by public service workers in conjunction with the RCMP to the private sector. This plan raises serious concerns about the impact on the confidentiality required in the processing of such personal information.

DND supply

Private Canadian and transnational corporations will soon take over most logistics functions for the Department of National Defence, in one of the largest federal privatization initiatives yet. In a startling move, the private companies are being invited to help write the contract. The deal will provide another foothold for corporations to take over public support services in government departments at the national, provincial/territorial and municipal levels, diverting a large amount of public spending to private pockets.


The federal government wants to connect as many Canadians as possible to the internet and then force them to access services online. The government will pay a private corporation to deliver internet service for federal, as well as provincial and municipal governments. More and more public services will be delivered electronically by private for-profit monopolies instead of public

service workers reporting to publicly accountable politicians. This raises serious concerns about privacy, access to services and how public dollars are spent.

Canada Post information technology

Canada Post has solicited bids from companies interested in partnering with the crown corporation to set up a new information technology company. This new company will be responsible for the development and implementation of new technology as well as IT maintenance and support and infrastructure services, work currently done by public sector employees.