“On December 5, 2016, the McNeil Government will recall the Legislature for an emergency marathon session. The purpose? To strip teachers of their constitutional right to collectively bargain,” says CUPE Nova Scotia President Nan McFadgen.

“Imposing a collective agreement on our teachers is undemocratic. Bill 75 is thinly veiled union busting legislation that will not withstand legal scrutiny. CUPE Nova Scotia stands with the Nova Scotia Teachers Union. Will you do the same?” asks McFadgen.

“All workers – unionized and nonunionized – share in what unions have fought hard to achieve: safe workplaces, fair wages and benefits, and the ability to retire with dignity and security. When unions stand up for fairness they raise the bar for everyone, not just their own members.”

“Bill 75 may specifically target teachers, but it signals the end of fair collective bargaining in Nova Scotia.”

“Our members support the rights of teachers to bargain fairly and they are upset that children have been made pawns by a government that refuses to respect workers’ rights in this province,” says McFadgen. “Never before has our provincial government attacked unions like this.”

“CUPE Nova Scotia will fight to safeguard our right to collectively bargain and we call on CUPE members to do the same. We are asking our 19,000 members to be ready to participate as never before.”