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PORT MOODYCUPE BC secretary-treasurer Mark Hancock is critical of recent actions by Port Moody council that cut four people from staff without discussion or input from city managers or the human resources director.

Not only is it outrageous that a council sub-committee would recommend cuts without input from managers, the human resources director, or the union representing workers who stand to lose their livelihood,” says Hancock, “It’s unacceptable that the process was so clearly politically motivated. The deal is a good example of micromanagement done in a crude fashion.”

Hancock is referring to the fact that one of the people whose position is being cut heard about her impending job loss while taking minutes at the meeting. “Mayor Joe Trasolini needs to take responsibility for the shabby treatment of a worker who has provided six years of service to the citizens of Port Moody. No one should hear about a loss to their livelihood in this manner.”

Hancock adds, “Trasolini is not respecting his own managers who wanted time to discuss the suggested cuts and make recommendations. It’s not good leadership to make decisions behind closed doors – without open discussion. That doesn’t serve our citizens well at all.”

Management was told to implement cuts and the union was only told of the cuts after the decision had been made. Karen Rockwell was the only councillor who openly recognized that the process was wrong, and voted against the cuts.

CUPE and the City of Port Moody have a long history of working collaboratively and have enjoyed excellent labour relations. Working together they have successfully brought in a job evaluation plan unique to Port Moody.

“What’s motivating Mayor Trasolini to force us into an adversarial relationship?” asks Hancock, “We’ve worked in partnership with the mayor on many issues that have benefited Port Moody’s residents and for everyone’s sake we really hope that this is not a sign of things to come.”

Contact:  Mark Hancock, CUPE BC secretary-treasurer: 604-340-6787 (cell)
Janet Szliske, CUPE Communications representative:  604-454-7293 (cell)