Peterborough, ON – The results of a recent poll, which found that 93% of Peterborough residents oppose the sell-off of publicly owned, local electricity distributor PDI, should put an end to the mayor and council’s plan to privatize the city’s utility, said representatives of the Keep Hydro public coalition at a news conference this morning.

“This poll has made it clear that Peterborough’s citizens are firmly against the sale of PDI. They know that losing their publicly owned electricity distributor will mean a loss of local control, a loss of local accountability and will likely lead to high electricity rates,” said Fred Hahn, President of CUPE Ontario, which is a member of the Keep Hydro Public coalition.

“And the mayor and councillors should take note: most respondents to the poll said that they were would switch their vote in the next election from any candidate who voted to sell off PDI,” he added. “Our campaign is gaining momentum and together with our allies, we plan to stand up for Peterborough residents and fight this privatization all the way.”

Hahn also announced that radio ads sponsored by Keep Hydro Public would drive home the message throughout next week.

Among the poll results were announced at a news conference were:

  • 93 percent of those polled opposed selling off PDI to private bidders.
  • When asked how they wanted their city councillor to vote on selling off PDI, 92 percent said they wanted their city councillor to vote to keep PDI public.
  • 80% of respondents said they’d be less likely to vote in the next election for a councillor who voted to sell off PDI.
  • 86% of respondents believed privatizing PDI would lead to increases in electricity rates.
  • 90% of respondents were against the sell-off of 60% of Hydro One by the Liberal provincial government.

“Selling off publicly owned assets like PDI is about nothing more than making a few people a lot richer at the expense of everyone else. But the people of Peterborough are well aware of this agenda and have clearly rejected it,” concluded Hahn.

“That is why we are calling on the mayor and council to abandon this fundamentally undemocratic plan and do what’s right for the citizens of Peterborough.”

For more information, contact:

Mary Unan
CUPE Communications