Things have come to a standstill at the bargaining table between the Pessamit Innu Council and the community’s police officers.

The police officers, unionized with CUPE since 2014, are still hoping to settle their first collective agreement with the Council. But the negotiations have been bogged down for far too long and the union called upon the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service to get the file moving. To no avail. 

“Despite the conciliation process, the Pessamit Innu Council still won’t bring forward anything tangible at the table and keeps disregarding the conciliation sessions set up between the parties”, denounced Charlaine Sirois, Union Advisor for  CUPE. 

“The union has been very patient regarding the delays and absences of the Council at the table. But the Council is going too far and is showing blatant disrespect, both to us and the Conciliation Service”, added the Advisor.

Unpaid overtime

Police officers have always performed their job in a professional manner and continue to do so despite many complaints filed for unpaid overtime. These workers play a very important role in the community. 

“Given the disrespectful attitude of the Council, no one will be surprised by the discontent of the officers. However, rest assured; health and safety will remain our top priorities and our greatest concerns. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the Council”, concluded Jean-Philippe Bilodeau, Union President.

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