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National Executive Board Meeting
March 15, 2012


Fight against any changes to Old Age Security (OAS) that would increase age requirements or reduce the level of benefit by:

  • Mounting a public campaign in opposition to the Harper Government’s plan to raise the age requirement for OAS eligibility to 67;
  • Write to the Prime Minister and Minister responsible for Old Age Security demanding that Canadians continue to be eligible for OAS at age 65 with no reduction in benefit level;
  • Write to the Premiers and Finance Ministers in all provinces and territories alerting them to the fact that Harper’s plan to increase the age requirement for OAS eligibility will download costs to their treasuries through increased social assistance payment to seniors;
  • Lobby all levels of government to bring pressure upon the Harper government to oppose any increase in age requirements for OAS eligibility;
  • Provide Local Unions and activists with the necessary tools to voice their opposition to change Harper’s plans for OAS.  This may include fact sheets, on line petitions, draft letters to MPs, and talking points; and
  • Continue to support and promote the Canadian Labour Congress’ “Retirement Security For Everyone” campaign.


  • The Harper Government has no mandate from the Canadian Electorate to make any changes to OAS that would negatively affect Canadians now or in the future.
  • The looming fiscal crisis the Harper Government claims is the result of unsustainable OAS payments is a manufactured crisis designed to support his extreme right wing ideology.  Increases in OAS as result of baby-boomers retiring will be short lived, peeking in 2030 followed by years of dropping costs.
  • Changes to OAS eligibility requirements proposed by the Harper government will put more seniors into poverty as the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) is only payable to those in receipt of OAS payments.
  • Social assistance costs for provinces and municipalities will rise to support seniors forced into poverty as a result of Harper downloading costs through increased age requirements for OAS eligibility.
  • By doubling CPP payments and increasing GIS, Canadians will be able to retire in dignity at an income level that eliminates poverty among seniors.