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Ontario Health workers with Local 5516 are currently in bargaining to negotiate their first collective agreement following the transfer of several positions into Ontario Health, merging eight different collective agreements into one. After many rounds of bargaining, the Employer is still refusing to pay CUPE members in Ontario Health the same wages that non-unionized workers are paid. This is unacceptable. These members have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic and have not gotten a wage increase since 2020.

Ontario Health employs more than 3000 workers who oversee healthcare planning, programs, and delivery across the province, including Health Service Providers, Home and Community Care providers, Community Support Service Agencies, Long Term Care homes, Family Health Teams, Ontario Health Teams, Trillium Gift of Life, hospitals, and many more.  

Over 1000 of these Ontario Health Employees are listed on the Ontario Sunshine list, making over $100,000 a year, but yet the Employer is refusing to give members of CUPE Local 5516 fair wages and wage harmonization. CUPE Local 5516 consist of administrative support professionals, epidemiologists, health planners, analysts, French language services leads, quality improvement coaches, and many more.  

Not having a wage increase in over four years has taken a toll on members of CUPE Local 5516. They’re feeling the stress of rising inflation, mortgage rates, and the cost of living, on top of increased workload and a lack of appreciation from the Employer.  

These Health Care workers need your support.

Sign your name to demand that Ontario Health workers get the respect they deserve! Your email will be sent to your local MPP, the President of the Treasury Board of Ontario Carolyn Mulroney, Chair of Ontario Health Dr. Catherine Zahn.

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