One Labour Day AwayCUPE members are gathering across the country with family and friends to celebrate another Labour Day. While the day has always been one to reflect on the progress we’ve made as working people, this year many of our minds are clearly focused on the future.

This Labour Day will mark the start of the final push towards a historic federal election. As we celebrate the contributions made by working people in both the work place and in our communities, we can see on the horizon the very real chance of electing our first New Democrat federal government.

We have never been closer. Only 6 weeks separates us from realizing what the labour movement envisioned when we helped found the NDP  - a federal government that will put the interests of working people first.

Many CUPE members and activists have already been hard at work in the opening weeks of this unusually long campaign. Thousands who took the pledge to help the NDP over the past year have already been canvasing, making phone calls, putting up signs, and talking with their neighbours about the issues important to working people and our communities.

But there is still much to do.

We are urging every CUPE member who cares about their pensions and the retirement security of millions of Canadians to help get out the message and get out the vote. We need those who want affordable and accessible child care and are concerned about protecting our public health care system to give a day to volunteer. And our party – the NDP – needs the support of every CUPE member who wants a federal government that will help build a sustainable economy with good paying jobs.

We hope you all enjoy this Labour Day, and enjoy a well deserved long-weekend. And hope you’ll join us revived and refreshed for the last weeks of this campaign.

In solidarity,

Paul Moist
National President

Charles Fleury
National Secretary-Tresaurer