The party recordsWith Tom Mulcair and the NDP we’re just one election away from a government that will create change that matters for all Canadian workers and their families.

Why CUPE supports the NDP

At the 2013 CUPE National Convention, delegates from all sectors and regions gave CUPE the mandate to do everything it could to elect an NDP government. Canadians want change and believe that the NDP is the only party that is actually ready for change. That’s why they’ve been leading in the polls for months. Tom Mulcair is the only leader with the leadership and experience to get the job done. But don’t just take our word for it, let’s look at what each party says on the issues that matter most to Canadian families.

Why your vote matters

In 2011, Stephen Harper and the Conservatives won the 14 seats they needed for a majority government by only 6,201 votes. If some of the 9.4 million voters who stayed home had voted, we may have been able to stop devastating Conservative cuts to health care, women’s groups, Employment Insurance, Old Age Security and environmental protections.

every vote countsHow to vote

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