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Article VI of the CUPE Constitution deals with representation at conventions as follows:

“6.4 Representation at Convention shall be:

Local Unions:

Up to 100 members 1 delegate
101 to 200 members 2 delegates
201 to 500 members 3 delegates
501 to 1000 members 4 delegates
1001 to 1500 members 5 delegates
1501 to 2000 members 6 delegates
2001 to 2500 members 7 delegates
2501 to 3000 members 8 delegates
for each additional 500 1 additional
members or portion thereof delegate

Provincial Divisions 1 delegate
District Councils 1 delegate
Service Divisions 1 delegate
Provincial Councils of Unions 1 delegate
Councils of Unions 1 delegate

Each national equity-seeking committee shall be entitled to one (1) delegate to the National Convention with full voice and paid for by the National Union.

6.5 Representation at conventions shall be based on the paid-up membership, including Rand Formula payees, on the average number of members of the last twelve (12) months before the convention call is sent out.

6.6 Any chartered organization entitled to representation at convention shall also be entitled to one alternate delegate. An alternate delegate shall only be permitted on the floor of the convention while replacing a delegate from the same chartered organization and while in possession of that delegate’s badge.

6.7 In the case of Local Unions chartered after the end of the previous fiscal year in the case of regular conventions, or subsequent to the issue of the convention call in the case of special conventions, and in the case of recently transferred Local Unions or other special circumstances, the Credentials Committee shall be empowered to accept credentials on the recommendation of the National Executive Board. This information shall then be given to the convention for final approval. No organization, in arrears for two (2) or more months, will be allowed representation to the National Convention or conventions at any other level of the Canadian Union of Public Employees.

6.8(a) No person shall be recognized as a delegate who is not a member in good standing of his/her chartered Local, or the District Council, Provincial Division, Service Division, or Council of Unions to which the Local is affiliated. To be recognized as a delegate, full-time elected officer(s) or appointed official(s) of Locals, Councils and Divisions must have been a member in good standing of a Canadian Union of Public Employees Local Union and under the collective agreement of that Local Union at the time of being elected or appointed to office. This provision shall apply equally to the delegates to District Councils, Provincial Divisions and Service Divisions of the Canadian Union of Public Employees.

(b) Members holding Life Membership Cards or Honorary Retiring Cards do not qualify to be delegates under this section.”


Please note that July 4th, 2005, was the deadline date for the submission of resolutions and proposed constitutional amendments. Further resolutions received will be considered as “late resolutions” and will be dealt with in accordance with Article 6.11(b) of the CUPE Constitution. A copy of all resolutions and proposed constitutional amendments properly submitted in accordance with Article 6.11(a), will be forwarded to all chartered organizations by September 2nd, 2005.


Enclosed you will find the credential(s) assigned to your chartered organization as well as an alternate delegate registration form. The duplicate copy of each form is to be returned to the CUPE National Office no later than AUGUST 17, 2005, together with the $175 registration fee. THE ORIGINAL COPY IS TO BE RETAINED BY THE DELEGATE (OR ALTERNATE) FOR PRESENTATION AT REGISTRATION IN WINNIPEG. (Please note that each chartered organization is entitled to register one alternate delegate only.)

You should notify National Office of any change in delegate(s) or alternate prior to the opening of the National Convention. If prior notification cannot be given, the replacing delegate (or alternate) should then have in his/her possession, at the time of registration at convention, a letter from the chartered organization (signed by the president and secretary) outlining the change.


CUPE’s policy adopted at the 2003 National Convention restricts campaign material for candidates standing for election to one pre-convention leaflet and one convention leaflet, poster and button.

Delegates standing for election may obtain CUPE’s policy by presenting themselves at CUPE’s on-site Convention Office.


The enclosed hotel reservation form lists the hotels where accommodation can be acquired for the convention. W.E. Travel is in charge of coordinating the bookings for CUPE delegates and you will receive confirmation directly from the hotel which has accepted your reservation(s). If you have not yet made your hotel arrangements, please ensure the directions on the back of the enclosed form are followed.


In accordance with CUPE’s policy, arrangements will be made to provide services to persons with a disability to allow them to participate fully in the convention. In order that we may accommodate the special needs of a disabled delegate, please complete the enclosed form and return it by August 17th.


ON SITE: Child care facilities will be made available during the convention proceedings. The enclosed application is to be completed by the delegate(s) requiring such facilities, and must be received by the National Office no later than August 17, 2005, together with a cheque to cover the required fee of $150 per child. Because our children’s programs are set up in advance of convention, it is not possible to accommodate registrations made after that date, nor will refunds be possible.

AT HOME: Article 6.3(c) of the CUPE Constitution provides for a subsidy to offset at-home child care costs to a maximum of $50 per day per delegate. Requests for this subsidy should be made by the local union following convention. The enclosed application must be completed and received by the National Secretary-Treasurer no later than December 7, 2005.

National Secretary-Treasurer
Canadian Union of Public Employees
21 Florence Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 0W6

Official Call 2005