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The National Executive Board met in Ottawa, January 18-19, 2006.

Statement on the 2006 Federal Election

The National Executive Board endorsed a statement of clear support for the New Democratic Party as the Party for working people for all electoral races outside of Quebec. In the province of Quebec, the NEB respects the political choice of CUPE members to support the Bloc Québécois. The statement was distributed widely and states that:

  • The Liberals have demonstrated that they do not represent working people;

  • A Conservative government would dismantle many current progressive social and economic programs;

  • The NDP has demonstrated in the last Parliament that it can be effective in forcing changes that benefit our members and their families. It can protect public health care, create a universal child care program, finance much needed public infrastructure, protect our pensions, oppose tax cuts for corporations, and invest in social programs.

The National Executive Board also agreed to a $150,000 allocation for a federal election CUPE National issue-based campaign.

2006 Budget

The NEB unanimously adopted a 2006 General Fund Budget that incorporates necessary adjustments to cover all projected cost increases. Eight new staff positions will be added to the current complement (one national representative in Quebec, Saskatchewan and British Columbia; three national representatives and two secretaries in Ontario). The budget also allocates resources to fund the National Task Force on Women, an annual Trainee Representative Program and future benefit liabilities.

The National Executive Board is pleased with the ongoing stability and strength of CUPE’s finances and our ability to resource both our servicing and convention policy priorities.

2006 National Defence Fund (NDF)

Provincial and local cost-shared campaigns, major organizing, regional strategic initiatives, coalition support, political action, and national initiatives arising from the 2005-07 Strategic Directions document are funded out of the National Defence Fund. Some of the targeted initiatives for 2006 are:

  • Resources to advance CUPE’s strategy of increasing coordinated bargaining and further bargaining priorities as set out in the Strategic Directions document.

  • Strategy meetings of CUPE members in the university and social services sectors, and a continuing commitment to strengthen members who serve as pension trustees.

  • Lobbying and political action initiatives at a federal level.

  • Participation and ongoing work on an international level.

  • Breaking Barriers women leadership workshops.

National Women’s Task Force

Stemming from Resolution 106 adopted at the 2005 National Convention, the National Executive Board established the CUPE National Women’s Task Force. The Task Force will be comprised of 15 members, reflecting the diversity of sisters as well as the different structures within our union.

The group is scheduled to hold its first meeting February 25th-27th, and will begin creating provincial sub-committees and reaching out to CUPE members very soon after.

The Task Force will report regularly to the CUPE membership.

Other NEB Decisions

The members of the National Executive Board supported the decision of the National Executive Committee to have two women serve as members on the National Executive Committee with voice but no vote, the two seats to be filled on a rotational basis.