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The National Advisory Committee on Pensions works to build the capacity of CUPE, the labour movement and our allies to promote, defend and improve pension plans.  They provide advice on how to assist union trustees and pension activists in analyzing information to improve pension plans, including new developments and issues in pension funds and investments.

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Terms of Reference

Name of the Committee

This committee shall be known as the National Advisory Committee on Pensions.


The National Advisory Committee on Pensions is an advisory committee to the National Executive Board of CUPE.

  1. The National Advisory Committee on Pensions will examine and recommend on an ongoing basis what resources are required and the type of structure and communication network that is needed for CUPE to continue to be effective in fighting for our members pensions and improving them by:
    • Improving Public Pensions
    • Ensuring adequate Pension Standards Legislation
    • Negotiating adequate Pensions for all CUPE members
    • Negotiating Indexing of our pension benefits
    • Control of Surpluses
    • Guaranteed Employer Financing
    • Promoting joint or union control of Administration
    • Coalition Building
    • Ensuring that pension plan assets are invested in the long term interests of CUPE members and their communities, through for instance Socially Responsible Investing and Shareholder Activism
    • Education, information and communication of existing and emerging pension issues
    • Building an effective network of CUPE trustees and pension activists
    • Promoting CUPE policies and practices
    • Developing solidarity alliances with labour and NGO
  2. The Committee shall work to build the capacity of CUPE, the labour movement, and our allies to promote and defend defined benefit plans.
  3. The Committee shall provide advice on how to best represent the membership in investing/improving the pension funds/plans.
  4. The Committee shall analyze information in order to advise CUPE trustees on new developments and concerns in pension funds and investments.
  5. The Committee will seek to reinforce the organizational capacity of CUPE by developing close cooperation with appropriate CUPE services (for instance research, union development, communications, equality) and committees (for instance global justice, contracting out and privatization, women, pink triangle) and ensure that pension issues are treated as an integral part of the CUPE agenda and strategy.


The National Advisory Committee on Pensions will consist of rank and file CUPE activists and staff appointed by the National President. Members of the committee will have an interest and expertise in Pensions and represent the diversity of our union.

The National President shall appoint the Co-chairpersons to the Committee.

The National President shall appoint one member of the National Executive Board to serve as the NEB liaison to the Committee.

The National President shall assign one principal staff advisor to assist the Committee with its work. Other staff advisors may be assigned to the Committee as required.

Duties of Committee Member

There will be Co-chairs of the Committee to:

  • Enforce the CUPE Constitution and these Terms of Reference;
  • Work with the staff advisor(s) to plan meetings/agenda;
  • Work with staff advisor(s) to prepare reports and to ensure that the Committee’s work is disseminated within CUPE and to other organizations where appropriate;
  • Work with the NEB liaison to report back to the NEB and to receive reports and direction from the NEB;
  • Preside at all meetings of the Committee and preserve order;
  • Take on duties as defined by the Committee.

Members of the Committee shall:

  • Attend all meetings, conference calls and other authorized gatherings of the Committee;
  • Reporting back on all Committee meetings and business to their respective Divisions, Regions or Sectors;
  • Report on activity within their Divisions, Regions or Sectors;
  • Report to their respective Divisions, Regions or Sectors the outcome of decision made by the Committee;
  • Build networks and links with pension activists to create awareness of the Committee and gain support of the Committee’s work;
  • Participate at and between meetings.


  • Record the Record of the Meetings of the National Advisory Committee on Pensions;
  • Attach an Action Plan of items to be acted on and who is to act on said items from the meetings;
  • Take on duties as defined by the Committee;
  • Advise National Officers on issues arising from the Committee;
  • Assist Committee Co-chairs in planning meetings and bringing resources to the meetings;
  • Share information and expertise inclusive of educational.

NEB Liaison

  • Report to the National Officers and NEB on Committee activities, advice and/or recommendations the Committee makes to the NEB;
  • Communicate from the NEB to the Committee;
  • Advise the committee;
  • Share expertise and information.

Operation of the Committee

  • The National Advisory Committee on Pensions will meet two times per year to conduct the business of the Committee;
  • Communication between meetings shall be by a) conference call, as required, and b) by email through the NPAC list-serve;
  • Committee meetings and business shall be conducted in English and French, as appropriate.

Changes to Terms of Reference

  • Terms of reference should be reviewed after the National convention when new members may be appointed.

As adopted at the NEB meeting September 22 & 23, 2010.