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Jul 29, 2024

6:00pm-9:00pm (Mountain)

This online workshop is for members located in Alberta only.

Deadline to register is Friday July 26 at noon. Registrants will be sent a ZOOM link before the office closes at 4pm that day.

Uniting for Victory: Unleash Your Bargaining Power

Unleash the power of collective action in this online workshop. Dive into strategies that will help your local assess member engagement and discover techniques to rally your members and community. Learn how to build unstoppable solidarity and empower your bargaining committee to achieve remarkable results. This workshop is specifically designed for the Mobilization Committee, ensuring you gain the targeted skills needed to ignite member support and drive successful negotiations. Join us and transform your mobilization efforts into a powerhouse of unity and strength!



In this online workshop, locals will learn to assess how well their members are engaged. The session covers building power by mobilizing members to build solidarity and support for the bargaining committee.

NOTE: This workshop is for the Mobilization Committee.

Participants need:
- Pens/markers and paper.
- Membership list

Online Learning Series, Bargaining Program

Jul 26, 2024

ONLINE, Alberta

If you need to cancel your registration, please email Monica Zeniuk,

Monica Zeniuk

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