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July 20 - 21, 2024



Local 1281 Stewards Training

SLS - Conflict skills for stewards
Jul 20, 2024 (9:00am-12:00pm) (24 spaces available)

Unresolved workplace conflict is stressful and weakens the union. Learn about the sources of workplace conflict and how to choose a response that fits the situation. Practice conflict communication skills that will help you resolve conflict at work and in the union.

SLS - Notetaking
Jul 20, 2024 (1:00pm-4:00pm) (24 spaces available)

Why do I have to take notes? What kind of notes should I take? Are my notes private? Learn answers to important questions like these, and practice notetaking.

519 Chruch St
Toronto, Ontario

There is significant demand for our workshops. If you need to cancel your registration, please email as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interest in CUPE’s Union Education Program and for your ongoing leadership in our union!

In response to the health concerns of our members and staff, CUPE has implemented a Scent-Free Policy at all of our workshops. Scented products such as hair spray, perfume and deodorant can trigger reactions such as respiratory distress and headaches. Facilitators and participants are asked to refrain from using scented products while attending our workshops and meetings. Thank you for your cooperation.

Daniela Greco

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