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Nov 24, 2022


- Must be local Secretary-Treasurer and one other local member (2 members per local max, local can register for one session)
- Must have had Financial Officers Training in advance



In the summer of 2020, Jason Kenney’s Conservative Government introduced Bill 32. This anti-union legislation erodes the democratic rights of unions to be self-managing and that restricts the way in which a local can use money that is collected from dues. As a Financial Officer, it could mean some significant changes in how you track and report your Local's finances.

To help locals comply with the upcoming implementation of the legislation, the CUPE Ledger has been altered to meet the data collection and reporting requirements as defined in the legislation.

Join us for this training on the new Ledger.

ONLINE, Alberta


Thanks for your interest in CUPE’s online learning and for your ongoing leadership in our union!

Patty Kinahan

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