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November 29 - December 3, 2021

Nov 29, 2021 (9:00am-12:00pm (Eastern))
Nov 30, 2021 (9:00am-12:00pm (Eastern))
Dec 1, 2021 (9:00am-12:00pm (Eastern))
Dec 2, 2021 (9:00am-12:00pm (Eastern))
Dec 3, 2021 (9:00am-12:00pm (Eastern))

PLEASE NOTE: WSIB Level I is a pre-requisite for this workshop. Prior to registration being finalized, it will be confirmed that all participants have the required Level I workshop.

This workshop is available to Ontario locals only.

Participants will be contacted following the registration deadline so please provide a personal email address for the member who is attending the workshop. DO NOT PROVIDE A LOCAL EMAIL ADDRESS. Members will need to provide a valid address for the shipping of material in advance of the workshop.



In the second of six modules, various benefits and services are explored.

Participants learn:

The significance of legislation (OHSA, WSIA), regulations and policy, including changes to the legislation and the effects these changes have had on benefits; and
The benefits available under the WSIA, in the three different eras, including:
Temporary Partial (PT);
Temporary Total (TT) disability;
Future Economic Loss (FEL);
Non-economic Loss (NEL); and
Loss of Earnings (LOE) calculation, maximum and minimum levels and exclusion periods and offsets.
Participants also explore detailed examples of benefit calculations and parameters affecting the final numbers. The structure of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and appeal system are described in relation to the New Service Delivery Module and the roles of each WSIB position. The adjudication process is described and participants follow the flow of a claim through the process. Problem resolution and the process for an appeal are presented.

Participants further learn about funding, including:

which employers are covered;
optional insurance;
how the system is funded;
how incentive programs; and
experience rating work and when claim costs can be transferred.
Participants also learn how to make a case plan for a successful outcome and different types of evidence to use. Communicating effectively, both verbally and in writing with the many professionals involved and workers and witnesses are discussed. The organization of a Board file is presented and participants explore how to effectively review a file, make a case plan to proceed to move a claim forward and use this knowledge to review a case file.

Oct 15, 2021

Zoom Call
Toronto, Ontario



Your registration is not final until payment is received. PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 15, 2021. If payment is not received by this date, the space will be released.
Please make cheques payable to: Canadian Union of Public Employees
Mail payment to: CUPE Ontario Regional Office, 80 Commerce Valley Drive E., Markham, ON L3T 0B2 Attn: Collette Calvelli
Material will be mailed out to all registered and paid participants prior to the start of the workshop.

Please note that this workshop may be cancelled due to low registration or other reasons.

Send your cancellation request in writing with your local number, address and telephone number by the registration deadline to: Collette Calvelli,,

No refunds will be issued for cancellations after October 15, 2021.

In response to the health concerns of our members and staff, CUPE has implemented a Scent-Free Policy at all of our workshops. Scented products such as hair spray, perfume and deodorant can trigger reactions such as respiratory distress and headaches. Facilitators and participants are asked to refrain from using scented products while attending our workshops and meetings. Thank you for your cooperation

Collette Calvelli

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