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February 6 - 7, 2020



Four Steward Learning Series Modules will be offered for Local 5430, Region 3 ONLY
- Notetaking
- Representing Members in front of Management
- Duty of Fair Representation
-Handling Discipline and Discharge

SLS - Representing members in front of management
Feb 6, 2020 (9:00am-12:00pm) (21 spaces available)

This module equips stewards to be proactive when meeting with management. Learn tips for effective meetings, and build confidence by practicing meeting situations.

SLS - Duty of fair representation
Feb 6, 2020 (1:00pm-4:00pm) (21 spaces available)

Learn about where stewards get their authority in the workplace, the duty of fair representation, and other labour laws that cover the workplace.

SLS - Handling discipline and discharge
Feb 7, 2020 (9:00am-12:00pm) (21 spaces available)
Feb 7, 2020 (9:00am-12:00pm) (21 spaces available)

Learn about key legal concepts and terms, and the role of stewards during an employer’s investigation, when discipline is given, and during grievance meetings. NOTE: Please bring your collective agreement and Steward Handbook to the workshop.

SLS - Notetaking
Feb 7, 2020 (1:00pm-4:00pm) (21 spaces available)

Why do I have to take notes? What kind of notes should I take? Are my notes private? Learn answers to important questions like these, and practice notetaking.

CUPE Saskatchewan Regional Office
3731 E. Eastgate Drive
Regina, Saskatchewan


CUPE 5430

Please bring your Steward Learning Series passport with you.

In response to the health concerns of our members and staff, CUPE has implemented a Scent-Free Policy at all of our workshops. Scented products such as hair spray, perfume and deodorant can trigger reactions such as respiratory distress and headaches. Facilitators and participants are asked to refrain from using scented products while attending our workshops and meetings. Thank you for your cooperation.

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