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NDP MP Peggy Nash has introduced a motion calling for the government to develop a national water policy.

My motion calls on the government to recognize that access to water is a fundamental right,” said Nash. “The issue of air quality has rightly jumped to the top of the political agenda recently but we must not forget about the importance of clean, safe water.”

The text of the motion reads: That, in the opinion of the House, the government should develop and present a comprehensive water policy based on public trust, which would specifically: (a) recognize that access to water is a fundamental right; (b) recognize the UN Economic and Social Council finding, in General Comment 15 on the International Covenant on Economic, Cultural, and Social Rights (2002), that access to clean water is a human right; (c) prohibit bulk water exports and implement strict restrictions on new diversions; (d) introduce legislation on national standards for safe, clean drinking water; (e) implement a national investment strategy to enable municipalities and aboriginal communities to upgrade desperately needed infrastructure without resorting to privatization through public-private partnerships; (f) oppose measures in international agreements that promote the privatization of water services; and (g) commit to ensure water does not become a tradable commodity in current and future trade deals.

The House has not yet voted on the motion.