Yesterday, Casino de Montréal dealers voted 97.4 per cent in favour of taking job action up to and including a strike. The employer refuses to call back 100 per cent of these employees to work following pandemic layoffs, and this seriously undermines the functioning of the Crown corporation.

“What is particular about this situation is that even if the employer called back all dealers, only 60 per cent of the tables would be operational. We have already lost a lot of workers. If a dealer doesn’t reopen their gaming table, the players will go elsewhere. Government run casinos are the place where gambling is framed in the safest and most responsible way. They must therefore be protected because they generously fill the coffers of the government,” said Jean-Pierre Proulx, CUPE Representative. 

The union also criticized the employer for wanting to make hundreds of hidden layoffs, which is contrary to the collective agreement still in force.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, laid off employees were paid until July 21, 2020. We ask the employer to call them all back so that they can keep their employment relationship. If not, as of July 21, there will be hundreds of workers who will lose their jobs forever,” denounced Proulx.

Casino de Montréal is not an employer like any other. Its employees are hired after a rigorous process. Each employee is investigated for integrity. They make a lot of money for the government which helps pay for our public services.

Today, dealers will begin their pressure tactics by wearing t-shirts in support of the union.