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CUPE members start it off right - Sharing experiences and setting priorities at nine sector meetings yesterday

Privatization, health and safety, violence key concerns for school workers

It was clear at the meeting of school workers that the trend toward privatization in public education continues throughout the country. The meeting highlighted key priorities for convention debate: essential services designations, health and safety, violence in schools and privatization.

Pay equity dominated library worker concerns

Pay equity was the dominant issue at the library workers meeting. Delegates want CUPE to press harder to establish or restore pay equity laws across Canada and called on locals to take a harder stance on pay equity at the bargaining table.

Together we are stronger say electrical utilities workers

To step up the fight against privatization in Canada, delegates discussed increasing the work they do together. Many noted the importance of working with other Canadian advocacy groups, non-governmental organizations and unions along with increased efforts to reach out to sisters and brothers around the world. More

Social services under attack from coast to coast

Social service workers from every region of the country found they are all suffering from burnout while governments are slashing budgets. Delegates agreed to work to make sure that solutions for their sector are reflected in the priorities CUPE adopts for the next two years, including taking the national RESPECT campaign to communities across the country.

Victories on the waterfront

Water battles across the country and some key victories for CUPE were the focal point of the water and wastewater workers meeting. From Halifax where CUPE members made sure the harbour cleanup stays public to BC where a major new initiative is underway to demonstrate the important role of water workers, our union is playing a central role in keeping water public.

Increasing our strength, growing our sector

A video exposing the crisis in our post-secondary sector set the tone for delegates attending the post-secondary meeting. They agreed the number one priority is to organize more CUPE university and college workers. And developing strategies for the elimination of tuition fees, organizing and stronger bargaining will be best served through increased national coordination.

Privatization 911 for paramedics and emergency services workers

The emergency services sector must develop coordinated bargaining strategies to fight increasing privatization, say delegates in the paramedics and emergency services sector. And they agreed their efforts would be strengthened with the creation of provincial emergency services committees and a national paramedic conference for CUPE. More

Health care workers keep up their struggle

Lessons learned while fighting off the attack on the health care system framed discussion for health care workers as they took on the question of follow-up to the action plan adopted last February. Delegates established priorities for convention debate and CUPEs strategic directions document.

Elect the boss say municipal delegates

Delegates shared stories about fighting back and political action successes. Aging memberships, losing jobs through attrition, and pressure for skills upgrading were identified as top trends. With downloading of everything from social services to housing, municipalities are looking to privatize more. Whats needed is more political action to elect labour-friendly politicians.

Murrays back Smile !

Whether this is your first convention or your 21st, a photo by Murray Mosher is a must. Murray will be taking photos throughout the week photos youll find for sale in the Gallery. If you want a special photo of your delegation, speak to Murray directly and he can arrange it.

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March to National Assembly Moved Up

Imagine the strength of 2,000 CUPE voices telling Jean Charest hands off $5 child care. The Quebec government is threatening this jewel of Canadian social policy and CUPE has a lot to say about it.

The march to the National Assembly has been changed from Wednesday to Tuesday at noon due to a scheduled protest by Quebec farmers. Lets all get out and send the Quebec government a message.

Convention on the web

Theyve seen the photos and read the stories but now your loved ones can even hear your speeches online. CUPE will be broadcasting the convention over the internet using MP3 streaming and posting live text updates on our convention ticker. See CUPEs convention on the web


Come out and hear why CUPEs fights against privatization are so important to our sisters and brothers around the world at the Global Justice Forum. Guests from South Africa, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and Nigeria will share their experiences of resistance and listen to our stories from here in Canada. Room 2000C