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Please help us stop the cuts at Children’s Mental Health Services in the Belleville area.

We are the frontline workers at Children’s Mental Health Services in the Belleville and Bancroft area.

Due to underfunding by the provincial government and to offset the agency’s deficit, management is cutting services that help children with mental health services.

Currently, our in-demand program offers professional full service support, seven days a week, to children and their families. With the proposed cuts set to take place in April, these services will not be available on weekends.

With lack of services on the weekends, clients and their families will lose the continuous care they rely on, their programs will be disrupted and they will lose the momentum of their progress and will not have direct professional care and support on the weekends.

Mental health issues, like other health issues, do not take the weekends off – that is why our programs and our services are offered seven days a week.

Please help us stop the cuts by sending a message to the Minister of Community and Children’s Services and our management, and tell them that mental health problems do not take the weekends off – stop the cuts that will hurt the children in our community.