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May 13 marks an international day of action against water privateer Suez. The multinational, which also operates under the names Ondeo and United Water, controls the drinking water of 125 million people around the world, and treats the wastewater of another 70 million.

The corporation’s track record has prompted people from around the world to take action.

Today in Paris, concerned shareholders will take action in solidarity with affected communities around the world. The shareholders will directly challenge the corporation’s top executives to end Suez’s irresponsible and dangerous actions.

Add your voice. Send a message to Suez director and Canadian corporate executive Paul Desmarais Jr. Tell him Canadians demand that he act to ensure Suez will cease and desist from such damaging activities in the future.

Desmarais’ Power Corporation of Canada, through Pargesa Holding S.A., is also a significant investor in Suez. Demand that if Suez does not cease its business of privatizing water that Power Corporation of Canada divest itself of Suez shares so as not to be complicit in violations of the human right to water.

Today will also see marches and protests in front of Suez offices around the world including Buenos Aires, Quito, La Paz, London, Montevideo, Manila, Rome and Santiago.

Canadians have had their own run-ins with Suez. The corporation tried and failed to get its hands on Montreal and Toronto’s water systems. In both cases, CUPE played a key role in the strong community coalitions that turned them away.

Halifax, Nova Scotia also narrowly escaped a major P3 with Suez. In 2003 the regional government cancelled its public private partnership contract with Suez’s North America subsidiary, United Water. United Water was sent packing after the consortium refused to assume the risks associated with running the region’s sewage treatment system, including accepting responsibility for failing to meet environmental standards in the future. The region’s mayor said going public will save millions of dollars.

Join in solidarity with communities defending local community control of public water systems – send your message right now.

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