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(St. Johns) Nature couldnt have provided a more appropriate setting for tomorrows massive rally against Premier Danny Williams anti-public sector agenda, says Wayne Lucas, President of CUPE Newfoundland and Labrador.

What a snow-job this Danny is trying to pull off, hoping to reduce the deficit of this province on the backs of workers sick leaves, hours of work and wage increases that dont even keep up with the cost of living!

Over 20 cm of snow fell across the province overnight as unions and other community members make preparations for tomorrows massive Solidarity Rally outside the Confederation Building.

We may be snowed under a little, but we wont be snowed by the Premier, Lucas continued. And sure as the snow will melt away sooner or later, so will people see through Dannys big business bias. Why not go after Ottawa for a better deal on equalization payments? Why not go after the big oil companies who by the way this year are making record profits why not make sure more of that money stays at home?

Corporate profits overall in Newfoundland and Labrador have increased over 400% over the last ten years. The province has continued to lead the country in GDP growth as recently as the last quarter, but most of these profits are going to multinational corporations in the US and elsewhere.

Premier Williams has added about $250 million in student debt to inflate the current provincial deficit in his attempts to create the perception that there is a fiscal crisis in Newfoundland and Labrador.

CUPE reckons theres a couple million dollars to be had in unpaid parking tickets and overdue library fines in this province why not add that to the deficit too, Danny?

Lucas offered up alternative methods to solve the current impasse.

If Danny were genuinely interested in longer-term solutions, he would have asked the labour movement to partner with him to ensure greater equalization payments. Likewise, he might spend more time tackling big oil corporations rather than trying solve fiscal problems on the backs of ordinary working people.


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Wayne Lucas, President, CUPE Newfoundland & Labrador, cell 727 2509
David Robbins, CUPE Communications, cell 613 878 1431