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On September 28, more than 100,000 trade unionists throughout Europe took to the streets in Brussels to oppose austerity measures, which, if governments do not change direction, will have disastrous social and economic results.

Parallel national protests took place across Europe including a general strike in Spain and demonstrations in Italy, France, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Cyprus, Serbia, Poland, Finland and Ireland. Protests already held in Bucharest and Prague brought together more than 20,000 and 40,000 people respectively.

John Monks, general secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation, which organized the Brussels march, said “Trade unionism is on an unstoppable march for progress, equality and justice, determined to build from the debris of the current crisis, a new, better society where those who are too big to fail cannot be allowed to continue to ignore those who they have regarded as too small to matter.”

More than 100 events have already been registered on the World Day for Decent Work Website, which tracks activities organized by trade union organizations in the lead up to and during October 7 itself.

A major international conference the following week in Geneva will focus on countering the threat to quality public services posed by the growing obsession of governments to implement austerity measures without proper regard to the consequences on social cohesion and employment.

The ITUC represents 176 million workers in 151 countries and territories and has 301 national affiliates.