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Draconian workfare legislation passed by Filmon’s Tories has been quashed by the newly-elected Doer government. Family Services Minister Tim Sale said this week that the NDP Cabinet has decided not to proclaim Bill 40 into law. The decision kills the workfare bill which would have forced those on welfare to perform up to 35 hours of community work a week or risk losing their benefits.

The NDP have also banned the Youth News Network (YNN) from Manitoba’s schools. A private corporation, Athena Educational Partners, had already signed contracts with some schools to supply computers and TVs in exchange for the right to broadcast a daily youth news program that included ads. “We will not have commercials and products being sold in the classrooms in Manitoba,” said Education Minister Drew Caldwell.

President of CUPE Manitoba Paul Moist said the NDP decisions are positive signs. “Doer and his ministers are clearly rejecting the reckless policies of Alberta and Ontario. That’s a good sign for CUPE members and Manitobans who voted for a government committed to fairness and quality public services.”