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We cant rely on employers or government to resolve our health and safety problems. Its up to us, and we must work to mobilize our entire membership to take action. Activists need to talk about the root causes of health and safety problems. Locals must organize so that we can gain power and control over our lives. We have to start treating all health and safety problems as union issues, just like collective bargaining and grievance handling.

CUPE will:

  • Reject employer and government arguments of a joint stake or common interest in the health and safety of our members.
  • Encourage all workers to exercise their legal right to refuse unsafe work.
  • Urge all activists to take collective job action wherever unsafe working conditions exist.
  • Push to put health and safety concerns on the bargaining table and keep them there until our demands are met.
  • Train health and safety committees to recognize and take action on all forms of occupational health and safety hazards involving stress, workplace violence, and harassment.
  • Take to the streets to force governments into action.