CUPE 374 member Shaun Bradley, who works for the City of Colwood, was recently appointed as a Worker Representative to the board of the BC Municipal Safety Association.

Being at the table as a member of a board of directors—part of a leadership team with the same goals or community vision—is a great way to share our values and principles as union activists. Our experiences as workers, often very different from those of other board members, adds to the variety of opinions and backgrounds that helps promote good governance.

A good example of this can be found on page 4 of CUPE BC’s special members’ edition of Public Employee, where CUPE 374 member Shaun Bradley shares his experience of joining the BC Municipal Safety Association (BCMSA)’s board of directors.

The BCMSA is an independent, non-profit organization committed to improving worker health and safety in all industries throughout the province. Like other boards, the BCMSA’s has a range of responsibilities from financial oversight and managing resources to enhancing the Association’s public image.

“My role on the board is to represent the workers’ voice and help ensure that all health and safety aspects are covered,” writes Bradley. “This is an important role, and I’m honoured to have a voice with an association that cares enough to educate about the issue and improve worker safety across B.C. This position has given me the opportunity to be proactive in areas that include my workplace and other union members.”

CUPE BC has a long history of working with the BC Municipal Safety Association, as witnessed by the countless members who have participated in education, seminars, and conferences. With a CUPE member now on the BCMSA board, Bradley’s experience should inspire others to pursue similar opportunities. His contribution has clearly had an impact.

“On behalf of the BCMSA, I would like to share our utmost gratitude and appreciation for the stewardship and advocacy exemplified by Shaun in his role on the board,” says BCMSA President Rebecca Chow.

“Shaun is a great fit, considering his passion and commitment not only to his colleagues but to all workers in B.C. We are very excited to have Shaun and CUPE continue to support the BCMSA to empower people to create healthier and safer workplaces through the sharing of knowledge and resources.”

The BCMSA and the Public Works Association of BC will hold their fourth annual joint conference and tradeshow in Vancouver on October 4-5, 2022. To learn more about the BCMSA, the event, and Shaun’s role on the board, visit