The “Trainsparence” coalition is conducting a major direct communication initiative this morning by distributing 100,000 flyers throughout the Greater Montréal public transit system. The documents set out 10 arguments against the Réseau électrique métropolitain (REM), the train project advanced by the Quebec Deposit and Investment Fund (CDPQ).

“We are putting this information right into the hands of passengers, the people impacted the most by this train project,” explained Daniel Leroux of the Canadian Union of Public Employees and Trainsparence spokesperson. “This project is so problematic that the list of opponents continues to grow. We need a moratorium while a public inquiry is conducted.”

A major coalition of public transit experts, environmental groups and union activists, Trainsparence is calling for organization of a parliamentary commission to review the entire project.

“The REM would contribute to greenhouse gases and destroy protected biodiversity areas and precious farmland,” added Luc Gagnon, climate change expert and president of Option transport durable. “REM also costs too much for a poor technological alternative. For example, we could have 10 times as many stations and move five times as many people using a streetcar system.”

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