Building bargaining powerWant to build bargaining power in your local? Check out CUPE’s Online Bargaining Program.

This series of resources and live online workshops will help your local build its power at the bargaining table to get the best deal for your members.

Members of bargaining committees, mobilizing committees and strike committees will all benefit from this program. Learn about the bargaining cycle, how to prepare for it and practice bargaining skills.

The program includes a toolkit to help you launch your planning. Then you can track your progress across the program’s workshops:

  • Team Building
  • Preparing for Bargaining
  • Role-play
  • Mobilizing for Bargaining
  • Strike Preparation
  • Strike Planning Session, and
  • Picket Captain Training

Your members deserve the best collective agreement they can get. With CUPE’s Online Bargaining Program, you’ll build your power and win.