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Workers at Lanark Lodge have worked tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, providing the best care possible to residents. But in November, the Employer suddenly changed the scheduling system by concealing master schedules.

Members’ income, seniority, vacation rights, work life balance, and control of their time has been arbitrarily and in bad faith ripped away by the Employer. The new system obstructs everyone from exercising their scheduling rights under their Collective Agreement. The Employer has routinely refused vacation time, and other entitled time off, leaving members incredibly burned out. This massive change will ultimately affect the wellbeing of staff and the quality of care residents at Lanark Lodge receive.

Sign your name to demand that long-term care workers at Lanark Lodge get the respect they deserve! Your email will be sent to three County Council persons:  Rob Rainer, Ed McPherson, Steve Fournier and MPP John Jordan.  

Lanark Lodge’s excellent reputation as an employer is waning. Health Care workers need support. Members of CUPE Local 2976 say the scheduling system was their security, a tool to help maintain their work-life balance in an environment where staff shortages and vacation denials are already a heavy burden. When the employer failed to support members work-life balance, members’ ability to see each others shifts, trade shifts, and know their coworkers’ workloads was integral to maintaining work-life balance and quality of care at Lanark Lodge.

Members of CUPE Local 2976 go into bargaining this year and they desperately need a wage increase and fair scheduling.

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