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Qub0065c, Tuesday, November 26, 2002 at 8 p.m. An important breakthrough has just been made in the bargaining between the Journal de Qub0065c and its 340 employees. During a general meeting, held earlier this evening, employees from the office, copy-room, print shop and advertising representatives voted 98.8% in favour of ratifying an agreement in principle between their unions and the employer. This agreement resolves the dispute between the Journal de Qub0065c’s management and employees over the pension plan.

As well as resolving the issue concerning the control and use of actuarial surpluses, the settlement calls for the creation of a steering committee with eight members, four appointed by the employer and four by the employees. Although this agreement does not create a separate pension plan for the Journal de Qub0065c employees, according to the four unions, the labour conflict settlement mechanisms it creates cover most of the union’s original objectives.

For Lise Guay, union representative for the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE-FTQ), This is an important breakthrough that allows the entire pension fund issue to be dealt with separately so that intensive bargaining on the collective agreement itself can continue between now and Christmas.

In addition to the 340 employees of the Journal de Qub0065c, CUPE has 7,000 members in communications in Qub0065c and is active in several other sectors including health and social services, universities, education, urban and air transportation, provincial government corporations and public organizations, hydroelectricity and the municipalities. With close to 100,000 members, CUPE is the largest FTQ affiliate which, itself, is the largest central labour body in Qub0065c, with 500,000 members.

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