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How do I get at my account

The log in form that was on the front page is now at http://cupe.ca/login.php. There is a link to it at the top of every page labelled Member login.

How do I get at my email

Once you log in the links at the top of the page will change. You will see a link to:

  • Webmail this will allow you to check your members.cupe.ca email.
  • Preferences this will allow you to change your password, among other things.

Where are all the other news stories?

They’re here.

I’m having trouble ordering materials online.

You’re not alone. The software we use to allow people to order materials is confusing and decidedly user-unfriendly, and we plan to replace it as soon as we possibly can. In the meantime, however, here are the steps to order materials from CUPE.

  • Go and find the materials that you want to order. On the page for each document, enter the number that you want in the “Quantity” box, and press “Add to Basket.”
  • Once you’ve added everything that you want, press the “Checkout” link that will appear at the bottom of the screen. (It will only appear after you’ve added materials to your basket.)
  • At the top of that page, you’ll see a list of what you’ve ordered. If you want to change the quantities for anything, or remove things from the list, do it now, and press “Submit Changes.”
  • Put your address and contact information in the form underneath. If you’re logged in with your cupe.ca account, some of the information may already be there. This is the address that the materials should be shipped to. Then click “Send all items to this address”.
  • It will then take you to another address form; this is for the billing information. Unless you want the billing information sent to a different location (like your union office), you can just put the same information in, but unfortunately it does make you put it in again. Once you’ve done that, click “Set contact information.”
  • Finally, it will show you the information you’ve entered so far, what you’ve ordered, and give you a final chance to change it before sending it off. If you’ve done it all right and just want this over with, press the “Confirm order” button at the bottom. It will send off the order, which may take up to a minute, and then show you a message indicating that the order was successful. It will also send you an e-mail letting you know that the order went through. If you don’t get the e-mail, you probably didn’t manage to order the materials, and should try again. Given our system’s failings, we follow up when we get duplicate orders.

What happened to my local’s web site?

In the process of setting up CUPE’s new site, some problems seem to have cropped up for a few of the local web sites that we host. We apologize for the incovenience, but don’t panic - we have detailed backups, and if you let us know, we’ll get you back up and running as soon as possible.  (If you’re just looking for what happened to the link to edit your local’s site, it’s now at the very bottom of each page.)

You broke my bookmarks

Some of that is inevitable but most old URLs should still work. If ever you’re looking for a particular topic, chances are  you can track it down by going to http://www.cupe.ca/[the topic you are looking for].

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, try our search engine. There’s a search box on every page and it works well.

The fonts are too small

We’ve made sure that our site will work well if you change the font size to something you’re happier with. To do that in Internet Explorer, you can go to the “View” menu, select the “Text Size” option, and set it to “Larger” or “Largest”.

RSS feeds

We have lots of them. See:  Subscribe to cupe.ca using RSS feeds

More help

We will expand this document as people report problems.

Meanwhile, if you’re having difficulty with the site, please report a problem.