Delegates at the 2015 CUPE National Convention passed a series of resolutions related to health and safety. Here’s a rundown:

Resolution No. 144 commits CUPE to provide resources for a campaign to raise the issue of mental health in the workplace. The campaign will provide education toolkits and will include specialized mental health resources for each sector. It will support members to be able to recognize and understand mental health issues, and offer the necessary tools to aid members in effectively dealing with mental health issues in the workplace.

Resolution No. 145 calls on CUPE to promote awareness of workplace violence and harassment legislation. Divisions will be encouraged to work with members to lobby for better legislation and enforcement against employers in violation of the legislation. Divisions will also be encouraged to promote awareness of member rights, educate members about their responsibilities and develop workplace risk assessment standards.

Resolution No. 166 commits CUPE to lobby provincial governments to properly enforce existing working alone legislation.

Watch for developments on these resolutions in the coming months.