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Wes Payne | CUPE Communications

Delegates at the 2013 CUPE National Convention in Quebec City passed a series of resolutions related to health and safety. Here’s a rundown:

Resolution No. 27 commits CUPE to supporting the ongoing 1 in 40 airline campaign to ensure the travelling public has an appropriate number of cabin crew trained in safety and security procedures. The federal government has proposed reducing the number of flight attendants required per flight from 1 to 40 passengers, to 1 to 50.

Resolution No. 57 commits CUPE National to develop a health and safety learning series for members similar to the successful steward learning series. Per the resolution, “Health and safety training is fundamental to improving the lives and working conditions of CUPE members.”

Resolution No. 144 commits CUPE National to conducting a review of the newest data on circadian rhythm disruption, identifying best practices and contract language to alleviate or minimize the risks to shift workers, and conducting a national awareness campaign on the link between shift work and breast cancer.

Resolution No. 153 calls on CUPE National to promote awareness of workplace violence legislation and workers’ right to refuse dangerous work. It also calls for lobbying for better legislation. Per the resolution, “Too many employers are shirking their responsibilities under the various health and safety acts and consequences for employers with injured workers due to violence are too small.”

Resolution No. 151 calls on CUPE National to develop a CUPE Mental Health Strategy and a toolkit to take advantage of the extensive work being done across Canada on this important issue. Per the resolution, “between 20 and 25% of workers in Canada will be affected by mental health problems each year” and “the stigma associated with mental illness often prevents people from seeking the help they need.”

Watch for developments on these and other health and safety initiatives in the coming months.