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(OTTAWA) Stephen Harpers cuts would lead to national social unrest, including labour unrest, the head of Canadas largest union said today.

Paul Moist, National President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), said the Conservatives platform carries a built-in deficit of $11.4 billion.

What will Stephen Harper cut to fulfill his military promises and tax-cut agenda? asked Moist. Working people from coast to coast have seen what this mean-spirited style of government brings. From Gordon Campbell in BC to Danny Williams in Newfoundland, with Jean Charest, Ralph Klein and the legacy of Mike Harris in between, CUPE members have seen the pain this type of reckless economic plan brings and they wont stand for it, said Moist.

Moist was referring to an independent analysis of major party platforms released last week by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. It found that the Conservative platform of spending and tax cuts would lead to a deficit of over $11 billion over five years.

Moist asked whether Stephen Harper was ready to risk social unrest, including labour unrest.

We know from experience what Harpers agenda represents, said Moist. Cuts to services and attacks on public sector jobs and wages, more privatization and an attack on free collective bargaining.

Public sector workers most of whom are women providing vital public services that Canadians rely upon every day already feel under attack, said Moist. Under a Harper government their rights and their jobs will be further threatened. I can tell you our members will not stand by as services are slashed and their rights are skewered.

Moist cited recent province-wide strikes by public sector workers in Newfoundland and health care workers in BC, and increased tensions in Quebec and other provinces.

Our members are struggling day to day to meet patients needs, to keep our communities safe, to provide top quality education to our kids. They are looking for a party thats committed to strengthening public services not slashing and burning, said Moist.

To lead a country like Canada you need a vision of what you will build, not what you will gut. We want a leader that will bring the country together, not provoke unrest and promote further divisions, said Moist.


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