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Support the NB court stenographers on-line!

Send a holiday message to this group of dedicated union members. CUPE New Brunswick has an on-line petition going to support this strike.

Links to CUPE local web sites

CUPE has dozens of locals big and small who have their own web sites. Visit your union neighbours over the holidays and see if any of them offer on-line egg nog.

Leonard Peltier petition

What could be more in the spirit of Christmas than to help get an innocent man out of jail? Outgoing US president Bill Clinton is considering clemency for aboriginal activist Leonard Peltier, in jail for more than a decade for a crime he did not commit. Add yours to the tens of thousands of voices calling for his release.

Here comes the 60 hour week

Got the week off? Like your weekends?The Ontario government may have made this weekend and holiday business into a thing of the past. Visit the Ontario Federation of Labour web site and find out more.

Private Universities Bill

Add up the cost of all the Christmas gifts you’ve ever received over your entire life and the cost of all the gifts you’ve ever given. Chances are that could be close to what you’ll pay for a semester at a private university in Ontario now that the Private Universities Bill is law.

Add an event to the CUPE Calendar

Is your schedule filling up already? Let people know what’s going on in your neck of the woods by adding your meetings, conventions, demonstration etc. to CUPE’s event calendar.

Women’s wages calculator

In case the holidays have got you feeling a bit too happy, you can find out how much the gender wage gap could cost you over your lifetime. This online calculator is guaranteed to give you bad news.