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Halifax The latest extension on the bids for the harbour cleanup is further proof that the whole bidding process is critically flawed, says CUPE Water Watch Co-ordinator Danny Cavanagh.

How many times is city council going to change the deadline for submissions? asks Cavanagh. And what does this say about the credibility of the public reference bid?

Cavanagh says the whole bidding process has been corrupted from the start by closed-door meetings, secret bids and the self-interests of the key players.

The fact that the reference bid was prepared by a pro-privatization firm, rather than by in-house experts in wastewater treatment raises serious questions about its accuracy, Cavanagh adds. The public should be demanding full disclosure on how this bid was put together, since this is the bid that the private consortia will be judged against.

Cavanagh is also concerned that while the reference bid has been kept secret from the public, there is no guarantee it has been kept secret from the private consortia bidding on the project.

If you look at all of the connections between the various players in each consortia, and between the consortia and various government officials and staff, its a very incestuous web they have woven amongst themselves, Cavanagh contends.

CUPE is planning an information picket at City Hall Tuesday from 5-6pm in order to raise public concerns about the secrecy surrounding the harbour bidding process.

This is public money at stake, and the public deserves an open, honest and accountable process for the harbour cleanup, Cavanagh concludes.

For more information please contact:
Danny Cavanagh at (902) 445-4180

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