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Montra006c, Thursday, November 23 In order to send a clear message to the authorities at the Rg0069e rg0069onale de la sant 0065t des services sociaux de Montra006c-Centre, following the decision made by the Community Health Centre (CLSC) Saint-Michel three weeks ago to no longer accept any new home care cases, a group of natural care-givers and several users’ groups and unions involved in home care services will be meeting this evening to join their voices in demanding energetic and immediate action to fully re-establish these services.

“We are well aware of the situation at the CLSC Saint-Michel, but we ask the Rg0069e rg0069onale to draw up a portrait of the situation of home care services, since we suspect that the problem is far more generalized on the Island of Montra006c than the single case of Saint-Michel. Due to the urgency of the situation of people waiting for services, we then ask that, as quickly as possible, the Rg0069e rg0069onale do everything in its power to seek the appropriate funding from Qub0065c,” declared the groups’ spokesperson, Pierre Leduc.

“Qub0065c is going to have to understand that the persons who need home care services are among the most precarious in our society. They cannot be dealt with as figures in a column of liabilities and deficits. Home care must consequently be organized according to the needs of people and not according to the services available. In fact, all the Clair Commission interventions confirm this fact,” added Mr. Leduc.

“It is not enough to say that home care services are essential, we must adopt the means to provide them. In this respect, we deplore the fact that Qub0065c’s promises of transfers of resources within the scope of the shift toward ambulatory services have never materialized. In short, the Government has lied to us in order to pass off its ambulatory approach. It has now become urgent that the Government deliver the promised merchandise,” concluded the spokesperson.


Information: Louis Cauchy (514) 235-3996