Members of the bargaining committee at negotiation table.

After two years of negotiations, the 50 office employees at the Grand théâtre de Québec have a new collective agreement, which representatives of both parties signed last Friday.

This new three-year contract includes wage increases identical to those obtained by their public sector counterparts, i.e., 2% per year plus a lump sum payment.

Moreover, the parties also negotiated the possibility of extending the deal an additional two years once the planned position reclassification has been completed.  The latter will result in retroactive pay averaging out to about 2.4% for the members.

As for non-monetary issues, team leader premiums were reinstated, and the working conditions of casual staff along with the number of hours of union leave were improved.

The last contract of Grand théâtre de Québec employees expired on August 31, 2020. Last September 26, members voted 94% in favour of the tentative agreement.

Located in Quebec City, the Grand théâtre de Québec is an artistic and a national cultural complex with two performance, theatre and opera halls and several foyers. Since 1971, it has been managed by the Société du Grand Théâtre de Québec, whose mandate is to promote the performing arts. It produces and holds performances in addition to administering its establishment.